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Remote Console for non-admin users using color control

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I can see that some have said that Remote console is no longer available to non-admin (monitor-only) users via VRM. As a non-admin owner whose installer is not happy for me to have admin privileges to my setup without ceasing ongoing technical support, I have a few related questions on that topic (I would like access to remote console as it provides real-time data and the ability to control my generator for my off-grid system- which I would prefer to do from my lounge room than my freezing cold plant room):

1. Why was this change made? Since I can access the Colour CGX monitor directly within my home, what extra security does it provide? My understanding is that all admin-level settings are still protected by password.

2. I seem to be able to access Remote console through the Victron Connect app when on my home network. Does that sound right? There is still a password required to access, but assuming I can get the password from the installer or have them disable the password as per the colour control manual, is this likely to allow me access?

3. It remains a little unclear to me from technical support responses as to whether this change applies to VRM all the time, or whether Remote console would still be available within VRM whilst connected to the LAN. Can someone clarify this?

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Hi Mick,

this is going to be a bit of a short answer, quite frankly I’m just back from summer holidays and in a hurry to get all done.

The answer is that on the Remote Console you can change various settings and things, so to give 'monitoring' / non-admin users access to that would “break” the idea behind this. The password to protect those is rather simple, and therefore I chose this option. In your case, you own the system, but for many the 'monitoring' user access level of VRM is given to others as well (and it the decision is to not also give remote console access at that level).

Part of what you’re looking for, a live view, is coming in VRM soon, for non-admins as well.

The configuration can be made to either allow access to remote console on lan and give you the password, or not.

It is really between the installer and the customer the level of access and permission they are happy to support.

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