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Cerbo GX, can all features of MPPT & battery monitor be used from it, etc?

In my boat I have BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 and battery monitor BMV-702, both with VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle. I am considering getting Cerbo GX, especially to be able to remotely monitor the electrical status of the boat (and to read some data from the MFD of the boat, maybe connect a temperature sensor, etc).

Both my above devices can only connect to (Cerbo) GX from their single VE.Direct port using a cable, so the BT dongles would become useless. So all Input & Output would have to go through the Cerbo GX device, be it done remotely (VRM) or when in the boat (Remote Console).

Q1: Now my question is that can I

a) read all the different data produced by my devices?

b) input all the settings of my above devices (for MPPT no other I/O would remain!)

Is there any difference in the available features in a) & b) above when using Remote Console, or VRM?

I have read most of the Cerbo GX manual, and some other material, but found no real answers!?! That was a surprise :-(

On Bluetooth connection, the manual says under 4.1, Using VictronConnect via BT:

  • From the main device screen it is possible to change the networking settings, view the system on VRM, or open the Remote Console (screenshot of VictronConnet App has both Remote Console & VRM active)
  • It (BT) is intended to be used to assist with initial connection and networking configuration.

Q2: So which one of these two de facto contradictory statements is true?

In my usage pattern, I would prefer using VictronConnect via BT, rather than via WiFi, to access the Remote Console when in boat.

But in reality, is that possible now, or with forthcoming fw versions?

Q3: Power consumption of Cerbo GX? No manufacturer's data is available :-(

- One kind user of this forum had measured it to be ca. 0.3 A @12 V, under unknown use conditions.

All-in-all, I must say that the documentation and data is quite disappointing when it comes to the real beef :-( One Youtube video on real-world usage could be extremely informative...

PS. When trying to post this, I learned that the platform does not allow for smiley non-ascii symbols, the msgs resulted in "Internal error..." :-(

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Using the Cerbo along with VRM will give you access to the BMV and the CC as long as you have a WIFi connection. Power consumption seems to be very minimal on the Cerbo.

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