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charge settings Beaut AGM100-12

We have installed an Easysolar 24-1600-40 in our off-grid cabin on a small island.

Most of the time it will be charged by our solarpanels (2x2 260WP).

I am struggeling to adjust the charge settings for our batteries: two Beaut AGM100-12 batteries in series (=24V 100Ah)

Could somebody advice me on that? specific for these batteries? I have attached the specs sheet of the batteries.

I would like to know the best values for: (between ( ) my guess)

absorption voltage (??V)

float voltage (27.40V)

equalization voltage (29.40V)

temperature compensation (12cells * -4mV/degree Celsius =-48mV/degree Celsius)

Thank you in advance!


Beaut accu wms_agm100-12.pdf

chargerEasySolar All-in-Onebattery
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JohnC answered ·

Hi @offgrid cabin easysolar

Your spec sheet has lumped in 'Cyclic Service' (by which they likely mean Absorption in Victron-speak) with Equalization, and it's quite high. Especially for multiple batteries.

Frankly, I'd just load either of the Victron gel presets in the mppt, and the flooded setting in the Multi. You could change the temp comp to your preferred, but even then it won't matter much if you leave the defaults (slightly lower) as they are, if your batts spend most of their year under 25C degrees. Bear in mind too that unless you have your mppt set up with extra kit, it sets it's day's program when it awakens, and that may overcompensate when the batts warm. Leave up the Adaptive options.

This may seem a 'careless' approach, but I see it as being at the conservative end of available options. More for battery life than fast charging, but suitable presets should serve you well.

Multiple batteries increase overcharging risk in individual cells, and the conservative approach allows a little for that too.

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offgrid-cabin-easysolar answered ·

Hi @JohnC,

Thank you for your advice! I found the Beaut specsheet confusing.

To be completely sure, are these the settings you would use? see below the two images MPPT Battery settings and the Multi Charge settings.

Thank you in advance!

MPPT battery settings.jpg

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ commented ·

@offgrid cabin easysolar

Yes, that's what I meant. If you chose the mppt's 'Gel (2)' settings they'd be identical, but it probably won't matter. You could test them while under Abs in stable sun to see how much difference in charge current results from the change. Then choose.

But those are a good safe start point. If your daily cycling changes much, and with usage and weather/seasons you may become a regular fiddler. As much as I despise batts, getting to know them is worthwhile, even to the point of touching them. No affection there, just to check they're all cool and the same temp. Heat will happen with overcharging and imbalance, and is your major enemy..

You may need to change the set Equalize levels if you wish to use that function.

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