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Venus with GX GSM Unit No Connection via wifi

Have a Gx Venus Installed. There is no Internet on site for system to connect to, so we installed an GX GSM unit. It worked well for a while, and then suddenly stopped logging data. We then investigated. Found Venus unresponsive, and could not connect directly to unit. As soon as we disconnected the GSM Unit, we could connect directly. Now it seems if I connect any GSM unit to any Venus or Cerbo, we lose all connection to unit in operation, this includes direct contact via WiFi (built into Venus) and via internet. Sim connection is good to provider. Have reset Venus network manually and via settings. Switched all off and started from beginning again. Nothing but disconnecting the gsm unit works. And we need the connection as site is remote. Any Ideas as to what to solve or correct the problem?

Venus GX - VGXgsm
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