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raspberry pi3 + Fronius Smart Meter + Venus OS

I have a raspberry 3 running with Venus OS as a Cerbo GX which is connected to my Fronius (Symo) Smart Meter and to a Multiplus II
The MP2 is only connected in Parallel with the AC 1 on the grid.

The Raspberry communicates via Modbus TCP with the Fronius Smart Meter

I will add some Pylontechs by the end of the week.

I´m using the script and for the can communication this

No I have the following problem:

As long as I do not connect the MP II with the Raspberry via MK3, the "Cerbo" shows the correct visualziation. As soon as I connect the Multiplus (icnluding the ESS Assistant), the visualization seems to be wrong. The Fronius Smart Meter shows for all values "0"
If i disconnect the MPII from the Raspberry, the the problem does not disappear - only a new installation of the Venus OS solves the problem

and the AC-loads shows always almost the same amount as the PV inverter. :

(in the moment of the picture,453 W are produced by the PV and 105W are taken from the grid)

The connection of Fronius Smart Meter and Raspberry in general works, as long as I do not connect the MP II

Has anybody any clue where I could have made a mistake?

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