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Wifi VC connection to Easysolar-II GX from Windows but not Android?

Resigned to the idea that I would be doing all control from Android using VictronConnect, I proceeded to attempt this. OK, I can see the SmartSolar (inside the EasySolar) and the BMV-712 Smart from Android. But I can't see the EasySolar-II GX itself! - even when connected to its wifi hotspot.

On Windows, when connected to its wifi hotspot or via LAN cable, I can see the EasySolar-II GX - great! - but not the others due to Windows / QT framework Bluetooth limitations. All I want is to manage all local devices... from one device (laptop OR phone / tablet)... without requiring an internet connection for VRM.

Know what the issue might be? Will test on another Android soon to see if phone's the issue.

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Phone has latest Bluetooth 4.2 and whatnot (try updating if older)?

Not immediately helpful but I got tired of various access issues on different devices (all were device-side though, not victron issues which it sounds like might be driver based for one of your phones anyway). I would up making a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero-w server device (it's about the size of a small buck converter and uses a tiny bit of draw) to have all my Bluetooth devices connect and seed that info as needed to every kond of device I use when I might be around the garden. Sounds like you are using more than one OS...

Windows is a pain for Bluetooth devices.


Sorry not more helpful.

You should have no issues connecting/monitoring all Bluetooth victron devices from one device. I made my tiny server to have other things connect and able to connect (including the victron gear) and then I can get that info on any device. I've not used it for VRM though not clear but sounds like you do NOT need VRM but using it as a work-around?

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