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Skylla Titan 48/25 with Gel battery bank, powered by 240v generator

The Skylla Titan charger comes with factory set values. My understanding is gel batteries shouldn’t be equalized. The charger IUoUo characteristic is 3 stage, boost, equalise, float.

My question is, should the equalize stage be switched off with these batteries? In The manual, it’s called equalize-charging mode. Options for 0, 4, 8, 12 hrs before switching to float. Factory setting is 4hrs.

If set to zero, it would then go from Boost to float before fully charging? Is that correct or is the equalise-boost meaning absorption?

Or keep 4 hrs and it will finish the last 20% of the charge with reducing voltage (not an over charge)?

Hopefully it all makes sense.

Thanks, Mic

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I think the issue really is over terminology in the manual. Equalize-charge mode versus absorption and 'true' equalization of which gel batteries shouldn't have. I have seen a brochure whereby the Titan second stage is shown as absorption with the manual calling it equalize-charge. I guess I've found my own answer.

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