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Battery protect connection to multiplus

I'm having some difficulty understanding how I can connect the BatteryProtect (12v/65a) with the MultiPlus 12/800/35. The MultiPlus when charging should go to the IN but when it's inverting it should use OUT, you obviously can connect both on the BP. It's says clearly in the manual that you shouldn't use chargers on the OUT terminal but how about consumers(aka the inverter mode) on the IN?

The schematic on the Victron site is way too elaborate to translate to my setup. Can I just connect the MultiPlus to the IN of the BP?

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I'm curious, why do you want to use a Battery Protect with a MultiPlus? You can program the MultiPlus to cut off at certain Voltages so battery protection is already built in to the MultiPlus.
The Battery Protect is designed for DC loads like lights and fridges where you cannot set a cutoff Voltage.

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The MultiPlus can't handle the loads I need so I'm not using the loads output there. My consumers are connected through the battery protect.

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So you use the Multi only as an very expensive charger?
Connect the Multi directly to the battery and your DC-loads through the BP.

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Have a look at using a VE-BMS with the multiplus and do away with the battery protect.

the VE BMS will turn the load off on a low cell BMS trigger and the charger off on a High cell BMS trigger.

otherwise replace the BP with a Gigavac or similar mechanical contact relay

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