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High input Amps ( input 1 inverter)


iam having a problem here, i had / have a very high grid invoice even with my victron installation.

so i was checking my grid network,

and i came to this :

the input Amps of the victron is 3.27A amp and no value on the Color for grid,

i have on output value of 4.38A = that is correct.

so why is my system using that much input current ???

see pics for Amps

the input is a cable directly from the grid.

input :

output :


there is no feed in from solar that moment

firmware : color is beta : 2.60-30

firmware : quattro is : 469

if i check an external gridmeter (not the quattro) = stays the same

vrm = no reports of grid usage

Edit : ac pv inverter is on the output

And the input amp are always 3A - 3.60A

Grid setpoint : 10w

And that current i can see that all the way to my house, big fusebox ( fist input fuse of mu home)

Done with fluke meter ( rent from person):

thanks kristof

@mvader (Victron Energy)

input current
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