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Maximum voltage for Pheonix 48V and what happens if exceeded

Electric scooters are on the rise and the batteries are a nice size (60V 29Ah at 10kg or so for example) to lug around and cycle them for good use while not riding. To power a cabin or while camping for example. A forum dedicated to these scooters is now looking to make it happen.

The regular Pheonix 48/375 through to 1200 are specified to work up to 60V. It also has an over voltage protection. A 17S LiFePo fully charged exceeds that by a bit. Up to 72 V while charging can be seen.

Will the inverter not be damaged and just not start just so long one has driven in circles long enough to have the voltage drop enough?

Can the devices be bored up just this little to take on a fully charged battery of for example a NIU N1S (most sold electric scooter in Germany) or similar? We are looking for something suitable and apart from a a few questionable hits deep in China there seems to be nothing on the market...

Phoenix Inverter
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

This is the boring, and obvious answer from the manufacturer side;

Deliberately running the inverter outside of the listed specifications will likely lead to unintended behaviour including possible damage, which may not be covered under warranty.

I have to smile a little bit though - this user wants the voltage window to be lower, and you would like it to be (much) higher.

Victron has a very wide operating voltage range already, and yet there is no shortage of new batteries that want to operate outside of the norms that were set by lead acid 100 years ago.

The DC input voltage range for all products is listed on the data sheets here.

The larger Pheonix inverter models list their maximum at 66V. But I am sorry to say that I think 72V is VERY far too much and will certainly see over-voltage shutdown protection activated, and maybe worse.

If you can't find another inverter that is actually intended to operate in that range, then a seperate volt meter and isolation switch should be enough to manage it.

As a somewhat useful anecdote. Before I worked for Victron, one day I absentmindedly, accidentally connected a 24V multi with a maximum DC input voltage limit of 33V, to a 48V battery bank at 52V.

I knew the moment I saw the comically large arc flash from the connection that I had made a terrible mistake. My blood ran cold that I had just destroyed $1000 of dollars of equipment in a dumb moment.

Holding my breath, I reconnected it to a 24V battery and the unit happily started up, none the worse for it's moment at nearly twice the rating.

I still consider myself lucky and I would not recommend the experience to anyone.

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ripper answered ·

Great answer, cheers mate. Looking into the larger Phoenixs and how far down I'll have to bring the battery in order for the little fellas to work.

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