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What happens if total power of PV is more than 4000 W with the Inverter RS?

I'm going to test a RS 48/6000 before deal it ; but I'd like to know some technical details :

– what happens if total power of PV is more than 4000 W ? Other Blue Solar MPPT's accept less more than nominal power on PV input.


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Hi @Stéphane Bulard

To help others find the answers to these questions in the future, could you please create new questions for these, and we will just keep the first one to this post.

– most of panels give ≈ 10 A at MPP. In case of 2 strings, the total current is more than the limit input current (18 A on the datasheet)… What do I must expect as problem ?

– I have to connect a PV Inverter (Fronius), and with VictronConnect (in demo mode) I didn't fond the frequency shift settings. Do I consider that it's not necessary to change settings with a Fronius ?

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Stéphane Bulard

No problem, you can oversize the solar panels exactly as you are used to with the Blue Solar MPPTs. The internal MPPT in the Inverter RS will always limit its power to 4000W.

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Hi Guy,

I have a follow on question that's related to this.

How does the RS deal with potential inrush current from the PV DC bus?

You mention that "the RS will always limit its power to 4000W."

I'm thinking of using an alternative DC source (200v+ EV traction pack) instead of a PV array input. Will the usual pre-charge resistor and contactor be required, or can the RS deal with inrush current internally?

Many thanks.

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I can't say, except that is totally unsupported and not recommended, and not at all what the unit was designed to do - so 100% at your own risk and potentially voiding of warranty.

The Inverter RS's ability to limit it's input power relies on the voltage/current curve profile of a solar array.


Raising voltage reduces current (eventually to 0A at open circuit). This would not apply to an alternative DC supply that did not follow a similar relationship.

I would expect that it will overload and shut down the unit in error in the best case scenario. And catastrophic destructive failure in the worse case.

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loxley avatar image loxley Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Okay, thanks Guy.

Looking forward to when Victron does support a HV battery setup (MultiPlus III - HV?) ... ;)

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