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Is the Inverter RS 48/6000 suitable for Marine use?

I'm looking for a 48V inverter (and not charger) for marine use with low standby power and high efficiency. The RS 48/6000 seems to fit the bill but looks to be designed for off-grid land use. Any concerns using it in a marine application. The solar MPPT probably would not be used.

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You are paying a premium for an unused solar charger. The Phoenix 48 5000 is around 25% less dear with a little less performance. That bulkier design is tried and tested for decades. The no load consumption I would double check at the dealership with a multimeter with the option to not take it if it is that important. I remember hearing significantly higher figures than in the specs in the past for the Phoenix series. However, although they were very optimistic figures, they are en par or better then the competition. At the end of the day converting Efficiency over the whole range I find more important than no load specs in energy needed over time terms. 10 W more is 0,24kWh more consumtion per day, 3% less efficiency at 3kW is 0,27 kWh in just 3h.

When talking marine application, mind derating due to ambient temperature nearby the engine room or in tropical surroundings which usually is quite toasty and may result in almost halfing your regular output. Stats are given on the spec sheet.

Yours has IP 22 which is far from being able to be submerged, salt water spray is also very bad for all things electrical if you consider good ventilation....

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