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BatteryProtect BP220 OverVoltage activating at 14v instead of 16v

I'm having an issue with multiple BP220s where they disconnect power for just 1-2 seconds and then reconnect.

I have a 12vdc saw, hydraulic pump, and air compressor connected to the output of the BP220. There are 2x 12vdc batteries in parallel on the input side. If the battery voltage is at 13.9vdc or higher and the hydraulic pump is run, the BP220 immediately disconnects the power and then comes back on in a few seconds. There is no error code displayed.

I have tested 3 different BP220s and all have behaved the same way.

If the battery voltage is lower than 13.9vdc, the BP220 does not disconnect power when the hydraulic pump is used.

I've connected a multimeter to the input and output of the BP220 and the voltage does not go above 14vdc or below 12vdc (multimeter set to capture min/max voltage spikes as short as 250us).

I've also changed out the hydraulic pump with the same result.

This is installed in a 2019 Dodge Ram Promaster 3500.

I have an additional 8+ vehicles with this configuration that are not experiencing this problem.

I have re-detected the battery voltage by going to mode d on the BP220, same result.

I'm wondering if the BP220 is detecting a very short spike in voltage above 16vdc (faster than my Fluke multimeter can detect). Or if the BP220 has a bug which causes it to shut off on overvoltage at 14vdc instead of 16vdc. Or is there some other problem I'm missing?

Battery Protectovervoltage
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