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Battery Protection from Alternator

I have an aftermarket additional alternator (24v, 100A) installed in vehicle for charging 24V battery bank without external voltage regulator sometimes my load and battery bank takes current from alternator simultaneously.

Connection Details:

Additional Vehicle Alternator -> Battery Bank -> Load

Normally its voltage cutoff at 28.5 volts, but we have observed that they went up to 32v which can damage our load. I need protection (overvoltage/over current) for my equipment and batteries from alternator.

I think Victron Energy Smart Battery Protect 24 V 100A will fulfill my requirement. The datasheet shows that it protects the device/load when input voltage exceeds from 32.6v, I need it to be maximum 28.8V. Can anyone tell me that its input voltages are adjustable/pre-set or not? If there is something else please suggest.

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