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Multiplus (or PV support assistant) freeze and need restart

Hi everyone,

I have an AC coupled off-grid system: MultiPlus 48/5000, 6kW solar panels, grid-type solar inverter Schneider Conext RL 5kW, 20kWh of lithium batteries.

Multi creates a grid and uses "PV inverter support" assistant to shift frequency and control solar inverter. Solar panels generate electricity and through inverter feed my house and charge lithium batteries. Everything works almost fine. However there were three incidents.

Sometimes, when battery is full and Multi (or PV assistant) increases frequency to 52.40 Hz, which commands solar inverter to reduce output power to minimum, Multi (or PV assistant) gets stack in that condition and does not reduce frequency even if battery goes down-down in SOC. At the same time, Multi takes power from batteries and provide energy for the house. It just does not change battery as solar panels do not provide enough energy for that.

It happens three times so far. It was on 2624431 and 2624430 firmware. The only way I know to get out of this condition is to physically switch off and switch on Multi, which is not always possible as I might be away. I suspect that "freeze" happens when there is a relatively high jump in energy generation (partly cloudy day with clouds going on and off panels) and jump in power consumption.

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to fix somehow?

2. Is there any equipment that would allow me to monitor frequency and restart Multi through internet? I have Color GX and use monitoring on victron server but it does not show frequency and does not allow to do anything through internet (or I miss something and don't know how to do it). I have seen a new product - Octo GX - that looks to be designed for monitoring and control through internet. Would it help me to restart Multi?

Thank you, Tim

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

How to set a high frequency alarm and reset the multiplus remotely with a CCGX

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Wow! That's what I need.

There is only one problem - I don't have Remote Console in my VRM portal. Is it something I should switch on CCGX?

Regards, Tim

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Yes, I got it. Remote console should be activated on CCGX. It's a shame I missed it before.

Thanks again.

Regards, Tim

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