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Venus GX not sending data to VRM

My Venus GX has been unable to communicate with the VRM portal for

about a month now, as in no data is uploaded, device list says "Last

seen a month ago", etc. On the GX remote console, "Last contact" always

shows "---" and "No error".

My installation ID is 9884e3b3e091.

- Network is fine, the GX has an IP address, DNS servers, etc. I have run through the steps at

- I am able to curl from the commandline

on the GX (gives 403 Forbidden but shows that I can reach the server)

- If I disable VRM logging on the GX, tail /var/log/vrmlogger/current,

then re-enable VRM logging, I get the following output:

@400000005edad70d1684946c MainThread-vrmlogger: Starting to log, logmode == LogToVRM, url ==
@400000005edad70d1c6aa2a4 MainThread-http_endpoint: Internal backlog buffer initialised. Count = 9
@400000005edad70d1d89e5b4 MainThread-http_endpoint: Found '/run/media/sda1' as remembered external path
@400000005edad70d1db03a34 MainThread-http_endpoint: Checking '/run/media/sda1' for suitability for external storage
@400000005edad70d1e93899c MainThread-http_endpoint: Found /run/media/sda1 as external storage dir
@400000005edad70d20618724 MainThread-http_endpoint: Extra SQLite DB made at /run/media/sda1/vrmlogger-backlog.sqlite3
@400000005edad70d20730f6c MainThread-http_endpoint: Made /run/media/sda1/vrmlogger-backlog.sqlite3 the active buffer
@400000005edad70d20eb641c MainThread-http_endpoint: Starting sender thread
@400000005edad70d21eb019c MainThread-http_endpoint: Reading from {0} resulted in an error. Doing nothing.
@400000005edad70d22064de4 MainThread-http_endpoint: Started sender thread
@400000005edad70d2219a704 MainThread-http_endpoint: HttpEndpoint initialised, http worker thread running
@400000005edad71022645c04 HTTPThread-vrmhttp: Using existing VRM auth code

It doesn't seem to progress beyond this point. Am running v2.54. Could there be some problem at the VRM end?

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Seen it once before. the user has lost connection for over a month, rebooted his Venus, and all ran again.

Just a long shot ...

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