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I'm looking for a simple solution to avoid overcharging the batteries.

The installation in my camper is as follows:

Multiplus Compact 12/800/35 (shore power / 220AC appliances)

SmartSolar MPPT 150/35

PV Array with 3 solar panels serial 174W 12V

Venus GX

Orion TR 24-12V 30A (Engine running 24V)

As I understand from the documentation, ESS may not be configured. When stationary, I want to have the priority to the solar load and then from the grid if necessary and available. I guess that this is the HUB-1 configuration from the Venus GX configuration. When driving, priority solar and then engine.

If I read it correctly the Multiplus will monitor/manage the Bulk/Absorption/Float/Storage algorithm of the MPPT.

The Orion TR smart is configured up to now (before the installation of the Solar PV) that it will start charging with the engine detection running >26V.

My Question: How to configure/wire the Orion to avoid overloading (respecting the SOC/algorithm) the batteries as it will have 2 algorithms to charge, one triggered by MPPT and the other by Orion. eg: when the batteries are full and no consumption, or when batteries are loaded from solar....

Electrical scheme attached below.

And to be complete, firmware running: Venus v2.54; Multiplus v473; MPPT V1.50; BMV (household) V4.03

bearbendum electrical 1.pdf

MPPT ControllersVenus GX - VGXorion-tr smart
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Hi @philippe

There's little/no danger of multiple charge sources overcharging your batts, as each will observe its own charge algorithm and back off.

But there's value in having them prioritized and 'synced' to a degree.

ESS or HUB-1 you won't want nor need, but look to DVCC to help you out with priorities and shared sensors:

Your Orion will miss out there, but it does have a 'Remote on-off' which could be worked in with one of the options to bring it in only when it's needed. Like (say) the genny-start/stop stuff..

Just food for thought, but come back as you need..

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