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Private Assistants to control inverter

Hi at all!

Is it possible to program a private assistant to control a Multi Plus Inverter?

I have the Inverter in my Sprinter Van to charge Battery Packs from my Tools or to power other things on my jobsite. The Inverter has not to be an all the time so i connected a pushbutton and a time relay to it, when i push the button the relay switches on the multi and a LED is also switched on by the relay. Now i thought about some improvements:

Use a Assistant instead of the relay:

Short contact between + and ON switches the Inverter on for a pre configured amount of time.

Long contact (1s) switches the Inverter On forever.

Long contact (2s) switches the Inverter Off or to only charger mode.

The Relay contact is used to show the state of the Inverter.

In VE Configure i see a tab private assistants, but i didn´t find a manual to build an own assistant.

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