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Solar System for 4s 16.4v NMC Lithium Ion Batteries

Hi all,

I am designing a custom solar system setup and want to be sure it will work.

Here's details on all components

Solar Panels - Two 12v panels at 115 W each (already owned)

Charge Controller - Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/30


Batteries with BMS - Nissan Leaf Generation 2 Battery Module Lithium Ion NMC


  • 2 units at 500 Wh each = 1000Wh x 70% usable = 700Wh usable. These batteries are 60-70% usable capacity (I guess because BMS limits it?)

  • BMS -

Inverter - Victron Phoenix 12V 500W


Wall Charger - 54.6V 9A YALANCHA


My goal is to disconnect the solar panels and connect the wall charger (powered by generator) on cloudy days. The reason I chose a 48v charger is because I will eventually get a 48v battery for an electric bike so I'd need it anyway. I calculate that I can plug this charger into the inverter to charge the bike battery from the Nissan Leaf batteries. What do you think my potential issues are? Thanks a ton!

Lithium Batterysolarcharge controller compatibility
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This would probably work, although it's a bit fiddly and you'll likely tire of it in time.
The best way is to use a MultiPlus instead on the Phoenix Inverter, then you can use the MultiPlus to charge the batteries from the generator.

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Hi, can you explain why it would be fiddly and tiresome? The only thing I see is having to plug/unplug from panels/charger, I wouldn't consider that too much of a burden. I looked at the Multiplus but even the smallest is more expensive than the controller, inverter, and 48v charger combined. I wasn't able to see how it could act as a 48v 9a charger as you say but I didn't look too hard so I'll take your word for it.

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