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BMV, Solar 100/50, Orion 30a, 1600, inverter/charger to set up with Lithium Batteries

I'm looking to set up an off grid van system. I have 4x 150w of solar on the roof and 2x 150ah of basic lithium batteries.

I was planning on fitting:

Smart Solar 100/50

Orion 12v/12v 30a (Poss x2)

Multiplus 1600va

BMV 712.

Smart Battery Protect 100

The batteries have a basic BMS, with low voltage and over voltage protect, but I would like to have low temp protect and be able to set my own DOD alarm and cut out. How is the best way to connect and program this system? I have looked into the set up guides and there seems to be many different ways. I also wonder if the different charging units may trip over each other during charging, ie DC to DC and Solar when driving or Solar and 230v Charger when plugged in. Is there any way of syncing them to work as one rather than each unit doing its own thing?

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