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Does this Van setup make sense?

I'm converting a Van to an office/camper.

I just finished planning my energy system (Or at least think so) and maybe someone here wants to have a look and comment on whether it makes sense? Or maybe give suggestions to improve it?

Energy requirements are between 500-1000Wh per day, depending on usage. And it's mostly used to power a fridge, a diesel heater, lights and some computer equipment. When the sun is shining or the batteries are well charged for other reasons I'm also thinking to do some light cooking which i think might add another 200-500Wh.

The target is to be able to cover about 4 days before needing to charge again, even with bad weather and no driving involved.


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JohnC answered ·

Hi @jaetzold

You're very thorough, good work.

Without delving to all the gritty details, there's a couple of little things stand out for me. You may have good reason, so be it.

1/ Why not a Multiplus instead of separate inverter & charger? There's good reason(s) they're so popular.

2/ That bunch of thermal (button/lever) breakers will likely drive you crazy with spurious trips and the heat they generate and pass down the wires. Isolators and fuses might seem 'clunkier', but they're better.

3/ Not sure of the purpose of the Cyrix?

4/ It's ok to spec all the bluetooth kit, but with a Cerbo in the mix, concentrate on networking it all in with that. If done right, you may rarely use the BT.

Maybe compare your system with this: And ask why yours may be different in places.

I wish you well with it.

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Thanks for your answer and your kind words.

1/ I thought long about this and was only maybe 60% leaning towards the separate inverter & charger. The main reason being, that the (AFAIK) newer phoenix smart only draws 0,6W when in search mode with no load whereas the Multiplus C draws 3W (Both assumed 2000VA units). To me this would probably mean the difference between not caring to switch it on/off and only switching it on manually when actually needed. Plus: I expect to only occasionally be connected to external power.
But i really like the capabilities of the Multi too, so I'm somewhat torn here.

2/ Good tip, I'll revise this part then, thanks.

3/ Me neither. I guess all the charge components could be switched off directly by the BMS. But this plan has it too, so i though there must be a good reason:

4/ True. But initial setup and config might still be easier this way. And at least the smart version of the BP are also better in that they have a smaller current draw. I thought this might apply to other units as well (Because they are newer designs maybe?).

Anyway, Thank you very much. I really appreciate the feedback.