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SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 Tr questions: Data Storage, API, Load Output

I recently installed the SmartSolar MPPT 150|100-Tr charge controller. I love it so far, and a huge selling point for me was being able to monitor the controller from an app and also export the data.

I have a few questions about this controller that'd I'd love help with:

  1. How much data will the charge controller store? What kind of storage is inside it? I would obviously like to keep the data for the lifetime that i have it and want to make sure I don't loose any data
  2. Is it possible to query the charge controller's data from some kind of API? I'm a developer and I'd love to be able to query the current stats of my charge controller for other projects I have. Is there some interface I can setup to do this from a local network?
  3. The controller has a remote and relay output. I want to setup a tablet next to the charge controller and don't have any AC outlets in my electrical room. I obviously have a ton of DC connections, but I'd love to avoid setting up another breaker just to power a 3v 2a USB connection for my tablet. Can I use the Load Out of the charge controller to power a USB device and if so, how?

    Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated. I'm really excited to be part of the victron community. I've been eyeing these systems for a while and really happy to be using them now.
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2 Answers
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JohnC answered ·

Hi @hummingbear

Welcome to the world'o'blue. I note on another post you have a Smartshunt on the way, and I infer you're into data.

Let me dodge your questions for now and point you at VRM, Victron's own 'api' of data. It's free, and you won't be happy with anything else once you experience it with your own kit. I'd go as far as to say it's an essential! for offgridders. It soon became so for me.

To access it you'd need a GX box of some type (there's a range of), but you can even load opensource VenusOS to an rPi. Adaptors necessary then for odd things, like VEDirect > usb adaptor (if your mppt isn't a CAN one). That's actually the answer to your Q3 to access directly via tablet.

A little like a fork-in-the-road to a traveller. The VRM way paved, the other maybe fraught with obstacles.

You can download all the data you want in .csv or .xls format. VRM saves it all for 6 months, then abridges it down to the base data 'forever'.

VRM demo here: Real live sites, but guest access only, so you can't see everything.

Sorry about the sidetrack. Consider..

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hummingbear answered ·

@johnc wow, thank you. I knew Victron had some open-source software but I didn't realize the extent of it. This is a dream. You just sent me down a rabbit hole of research. I have a spare Raspberry Pi B+ here, so I'd love to get it setup running VenusOS. A few questions maybe you can answer?

What is the purpose of the VE Direct USB Adapter? It shows it connecting to the rPi, but then where do you stick the USB A end? What does it do?

When you have VenusOS running on your rPi, does it sync to your victron devices over Bluetooth and then you have the ability to connect that to VRM and query it through their API?

Thank you for the sidetrack, this is what I'm looking for. I'm a developer so this kind of data and ability is a dream. I'm so glad I picked victron! Now for replacing my inverter....

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Ha. No dream, just the Victron way. And it gets better all the time - just today remote control globally (via VictronConnect app) of VEDirect devices via GX(VenusOS)/VRM. That's not open-source, but it's most welcome. And free..

rPi is semi-supported by Victron, but not mainstream, and questions re rPi are often made in the 'Modifications Space' of this Community. Look there too.

I don't know what's going on there in your pic. The adaptor is just usb > VEDirect (the port on your mppt, if it's not a CAN model).

Best to put BT aside and wire an rPI (or any GX). BT for local access to individual kit, wires for the real-deal.

I don't use BT at all, and it's for you to decide whether to step-up. All my contact is via WAN or LAN.

And yeh, rabbitholes are for delving into. A big warren down there, but once you're there everything opens up. Good luck.

Your new inverter should be blue. Then you'll see VE.Bus (RJ45). Another branch of the warren, but it really is worth the journey. It really is..


Just want to say your post inspired a lot nerdy projects here. I now have a raspberry pi touchscreen up and running connected to another raspberry-pi venus os. I love it! Just got a smart shunt plugged in but waiting for another VE Direct USB cable before I can see the data in venus os.

So glad I'm using victron