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Charge Controllers not syncing settings

I just setup a new system and have two different Solar Arrays and controllers connected to one battery system. In my previous setup the two charge-controllers would synchronize settings (absorption, float..etc), but in my new system they are not doing that. If I change the float value on one, it does not update on the other.

I have verified they are both on the same Bluetooth network.

They are running different firmware but they are both up-to-date according to VRM and the app.



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Hi @hummingbear ,

Unless there's been a recent update that I haven't caught up to yet, VE.Smart Networking only synchronizes the charge state (i.e. Bulk, Absorb, Float) between controllers, but you still have to program the settings yourself - changing the bulk/absorb voltage (for instance) on one does not affect the bulk/absorb voltage on the other. See page 3 in particular of the VE.Smart Networking manual.

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I must have been dreaming then...I'm not sure why I thought this was happening. I have confirmed on my Venus device that one is master and other is slave. They do go into Absorb/Float at the same time so I guess that's what is expected...hrmmm maybe a new feature request I dreamt up.


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"Synchronising the chargers works in a master-slave manner. The chargers will elect a master among them and that master will be the one to dictate the charge algorithm. As the master cannot be determined by the user, it is important to make sure all chargers belonging to the same network have the same battery settings."

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