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Purchase Queston for a 24v system

Hello, I recently setup a 24v solar system with a Victron 250/60amp, Progressive Dynamics Charger and Pure Sine Wave Inverter. We have since upgraded from a travel trailer to a motorhome with a generator and want to upgrade in place of the Xantrex Freedom SW3012 12v 3000w inverter/charger. Can someone please chime in if the products I am selecting are compatible. Do they all use Bluetooth and the app to connect or will I need to use the Venus GX (I think uses a web technology and network?). Victron has so many products that I get confused on compatibility. I want to monitor the complete system with one screen AND connect via a single app. Thanks in advance!

1. Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 24 VDC - 5000W - 200AMP

2. Victron CanVu GX Monitor - 4.3" Color Touch Screen [BPP900700100]

3. Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 - Tr Solar Charge Controller 250V 100A with Bluetooth

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Hi @Bowpay A couple of things. The bluetooth on the various devices will typically allow you to view and manage settings on them individually. Secondly, it is used in a network setup for data sharing between devices e.g bmv-712, smart battery sense, mppt etc.

A number of questions / observations:

1. You may be oversizing the mppt so use the tool to get the right one and ensure it operates efficiently.

2. Will you be using lithium or LA batteries and what do you have in place to monitor them?

3. A Venus device like all GX devices very much allows the mppts etc to be physically connected together using and allows uploading of data to the VRM portal from where you can remotely monitor and manage some functions of your system. A CGX device may be a good option if you require a screen. The new Cerbo and Touch combination may also be interesting as it offers multiple monitoring features e.g. tank etc

Maybe worth consulting with an installer to properly design a system for you and ensure it will operate correctly with the generator.

Hope it gives some insight. May be worth looking at some of the online products manuals too.

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Thank you for the response! I built a custom 16cell 24v 380ah lifepo4 battery with a BMS that I will use in this application. I have the shunt BMV-712 and a Victron MPPT charger that is a 250/60amp. I had 14 Renogy eclipse panels running 7s2p. I think I should have purchased the 100amp though because I believe the charge controller was slightly under powered with that array. Although the calculator is showing I have the correct charger controller. I plan on buying 6 300w Renogy 24v panels for this new system. The coach is a Dynamax DX3 37BH that already has a built in panel that displays power from the inverter, etc. My plan is to rip out the junk charge controller display in the motorhome and pop in a touch screen victron. Just wasn't sure what is the best/newest combination to handle my requirements above. I am pretty good at picking up things and have already built a custom battery bank so I think I have enough understanding to pull this off.

Also I don't see the Cerbo GX on Amazon. I can buy the screen for around $900 but can't find the Cerbo GX.

Where are you from?

The Cerbo is the newest GX device and still have delivery problems due to the high demand. A few weeks ago we got some units here in Germany but they were sold out immediately. Now we have to wait for the next delivery from Victron. The E-Order system says we get it May.

Sounds like you will be just fine. Maybe worth a look on eBay in UK as there are some units available there and they don't seem to move fast as I'd have expected. For £500 there is a bundle even and with shipping and taxes you can probably get it for a $1000 or close. Just depends on how much in a hurry you are ;)