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Raymarine Integration with Cerbo GX

My Raymarine network has multiple MFDs and the RayNet ports are connected to an HS5 RayNet switch (basically a proprietary ethernet switch with RayNet ports instead of RJ45 ports), where I also have a Radar connected. This is a "private network" for Raymarine devices and given the high traffic and importance of Radar communications, etc. I would prefer to keep only these devices attached to that network.

The Cerbo GX will be connected to my on-board Ethernet Network, wired to an ethernet switch, so I can have a wired connection (since where the unit is installed won't have a great WiFi signal).

The Raymarine integration documents show connecting the Cerbo GX ethernet port directly to the RayNet port on the Axiom Pro MFD, but since the Axiom Pro (and Cerbo GX) only have a single ethernet port each, this is not possible in my case.

I read a post in the forum about connecting the MFD RayNet port and GX device to the same router, but since the Radar and multiple MFDs connect to the RayNet switch, and the traffic between those devices is critical, I would prefer not to do this (as already explained above). Additionally, RayMarine recommends against this.

I know this integration is fairly new, and perhaps it will improve in the future. For now it seems very limited to "small" systems (single MFD installations, as an example). At least as documented.

Side note if someone at Victron is reading: I would love to help with improving this... have a 20+ years of experience in IT (specifically networking) background!

The MFDs are connected to the on-board via WiFi network (in addition to the private network as explained) so they can have Internet access to check updates, etc. It would be awesome if the Victron Lighthouse App could check for GX devices on all MFD network interfaces (not just the RayNet interface, as it would then find the GX device on the on-board network via the MFD's WiFi connection. When I complete the GX installation next week I will test this to verify (hoping this will work already, but according to the integration document it does not seem likely, which is why I'm posting this and seeking some guidance).

If that does not work, can I use an USB-Ethernet adaption on the Cerbo GX for the additional network connection to my on-board network (for Internet access)? Will there be an easy way to configure it via the management interfaces? Do I need to get into the Venus OS config to set the network routing priorities? If so, the next step will be figuring out how to make this persist after upgrades. :-)

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Hey @svsimple, Raymarine software limits this function to their ethernet interface only.

I’d think it all works fine when you add the GX Device to your Raymarine network.

Thats how (the Raymarine engineers) have either implicitly or explicitly designed it by limiting this feature to their ethernet interface.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) FYI you can’t put the Raymarine and GX device each on their own subnet. The Raymarine will then no longer find the GX Device.

one possible work around is to connect both by wifi and yourself open the app in a browser on the Raymarine, rather than using auto-discovery based Victron icon that pops up.

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Hi @svsimple, I have created two subnet's on my boat. Subnet 1 is connected the the Wifi and LAN ports on my router using the network. Subnet 2 is connected to the Raymarine network and the WAN port on my router. The WAN port router has the address as recommended by Raymarine. The Cerbo is connected to Subnet 2 with the IP address and default gateway (these static IP addresses are outside the Raymarin DHCP scope). The AXIOM 2 Pro is configured to connect to the Internet via the WiFi. The Cerbo introduces minimal traffic on the Raymarine network and the Raymarine multicast packets are kept well away form the boats wireless/LAN network. This config has no impact on the Axiom DHCP server. I realise this is not entirely what you wanted by it works well and I can still access the Cerbo through VRM and the Internet.

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