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Feature request - DC Ripple Widget on Portal

I would like a Widget that shows the DC ripple. I know DC ripple is available when you connect directly to the Inverter using veconfigure, but not when using VE remote. It would be useful if this was sent through to the portal and available on the REST API and as a Widget.

VRMVE.Busfeature request
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

DC ripple is already available as a warning/alarm state in the VE.Bus Alarms section in Advanced. But it is binary value if it's over the thresholds. There is an example here.

Do you mean the actual ripple voltage value? Why?

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I mean the ripple voltage value. This would allow for more detailed analytics to determine when DC ripple occurs. Thanks for the link above it was really informative. I think how that could be extended with that things like:

- what level it is at when its not activating the warning (close to threshold all the time, etc.)

- What was happening on the battery and load when the ripple spiked and triggered the warning

- Track the trend and general health of your system

- Improve the ability to fix the design issues in a more informed way. e.g. Its normally very low but seems to peak when the battery gets a large current spike, analytics/experience could show this typically a mismatched battery, etc.

On a more general note. I really believe the future for the VRM portal is to extend the capabilities of the portal beyond pure monitoring and start adding things like predictive analytics and machine learning to track utilization. Identify patterns or loads through finger printing and suggest ways to shift them or control them. To track the health of the platform and become proactive in maintenance or identifying issues. To use this information to help you build new improved products in the future

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Thanks for expanding on that. I’ve passed on your feature request. But to set your expectations, I don’t believe the value is currently passed from the Multi to VRM or possibly even the GX yet, so it would require more work than it may appear.

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Thanks. I appreciate that.

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