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Lithium battery charging basic questions

Hi I have van setup with dometic charger inverter and dometic booster.

I use victron 160ah lithium battery with li load relay atm.

Chargers are set to iuou 14.2v float 13.5, I can modify voltages.

Also there is victrom ve bus bms connected to li load relay.

Charge disconnect wire isnt used at this moment.

Now questions

1) can battery stop charging below set temeprature without li charge relay?

2) battery averages around 13.2v after long charge is this normal?

3) if I use li charge, it will disconnect during float phase 13.5v bcs its written there 13.7 charge is minimum for it to be connected?

4) I can set chargers to constant voltage, 14.2 wouldnt that be better?

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