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BYD battery and victron easysolar or multiplus?

Hi there.

I'm in the process of making a list and trawling through all the documents I can find on how to pair the BYD batteries with a Victron EasySolar or MultiPlus for an off grid setup. Basically, my setup will be as follows:

All control gear and batteries to be stored outside, but under an awning.

2.8kw of solar, which will work with a 150/70 MPPT charger.

BYD B-Box RESI IP55 cabinet with 5.12kwh battery

Either the Easysolar 48/3000 or the Multiplus 48/3000.

Can anyone who is familiar with this combination tell me if there is any advantage to choosing the Multiplus unit over the Easysolar? The Easysolar works out cheaper than buying all the parts and cables individually, but I've noticed that the IP rating on the Easysolar is only IP20 though, so maybe it's not suitable for installations outside?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Multiplus-IIEasySolar All-in-OneBYD
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2 Answers
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betts answered ·

Hey JohnC, thanks for the reply. I'm in Australia with 230v, and can get access to all the multplus or easyplus models. I'm an Electrician, but haven't had much to do with Victron gear before.

The Multiplus/Easyplus and BYD combo seems to be tried and tested though so I think I'm onto a winner there.

And thanks for the link to the compatibility page. I've seen it before but will go through it again to see if I can gain any more info from it.

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Yeh, we could be nextdoor neighbours. BYD would be my choice too right now in this country. And if you're still wondering about Victron as a good choice, please stop wondering. The only choice is *which* Victron.

There's more info on BYD if you click on the relevant topic in the Index. Not that they're problematic, more just an indication there's a lot about.

And we have a resident BYD man here, who seems highly capable and helpful.

Have fun choosing.

@Betts I had to choose between the two and for me deciding factors were. The Easy has a Blue Solar MPPT (without bluetooth.) The pre-wiring is is great apart from they only offered 16A breakers and I wanted one 32A. Not a real issue apart from startup surges of my compressor beyond 16A, which would have tripped it. Otherwise, just a boxed up version of the multi. I have an off-grid installation 9000km's away and it has been running since March last year unattended and I monitor it via GSM.

Yes the pre wiring is great. Doesn't It have a 63a breaker upstream of the 16a and 10a breakers? I guess you could always bring a cable off the 63a and then break it down into the circuit sizes you want and bypass the prewired ones.

@Betts That is indeed the case, but then why bother with a unit if you won't use what is there already? Also, changing the hw configuration could see you invalidate the warranty.

My supplier lists this now too:
EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX

'NEW', but 'Contact Us' about it. Might mean it's still on the water/price/exchange rates.

Oh the choice..

Ohhh. The amount of choose is fantastic. Making a decision though.....

I think I've got It figured out now though. I'll be happy to go with the easysolar unit and sacrifice the Bluetooth connectivity on the mppt. Its cheaper, and all in the one housing.

The specs on that unit say it's a bluetooth Smartsolar mppt.

What sacrifice?

But it doesn't seem to have the full complement of ac output breakers as the older Easy's?

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JohnC answered ·

Hi @Betts

I've an Easy 5000, in a similar environment, ~3yo. The internal wiring is a plus, and it's done well. I needed a new switchboard at the same time, so the onboard breakers were my real bonus. No regrets.

Only disadvantage with mine is it weighs 48kg, and I need to move it. I'll need to plan that day out..

You could likely get by with a /60 mppt, if you're pricing out.

You've several standalone inverter options, Multiplus, Multiplus II or Multiplus II GX (almost an Easy). What's stocked where, I've no idea. Assuming you're not 120V ac.

The IP ratings on all that kit are neither here nor there. Even under an awning, perhaps best in some sort of vented cabinet, just as you might with any electrical kit. Don't forget critters like spiders, lizards, bugs, even birds.

If you've missed it, for BYD there's this:

But keep asking..

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