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control relays from tile page


Has anyone added relay switches to the tiles on the main pages? I've managed to add a switch to the tile but I cant select/switch it? I added this to the tile

Tile {

width: 160

height: bottomRow.height

editable: true

readOnly: false

color: "#538ed7"

border.width: 2

border.color: "#fff"

MbSwitch {

id: manualSwitch1

name: qsTr("L/L")

bind: "com.victronenergy.system/Relay/1/State"

show: hasRelay1


I'm guessing ive missed a comand or something? when i added the MbSwitch to pagemain.qml it works ok. I'd just like to be able to switch the relays from one of the main tiles rather than having to open menu.

Hope this makes sense

Thanks Mark

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