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Battery Temperature monitoring with Lynx Shunt

I am installing an all Victron system in a vehicle consisting of 12V lithium batteries, Lynx distribution, Lynx shunt, Ve.Bus BMS, Multiplus, smart battery protects, MPPT, BuckBoost, Digital Multi Control, CCGX and am trying to determine how the battery temperature should be measured in order to prevent charging below 5 degrees.

I have a temperature sensor supplied with the Multiplus and what looks like a temperature sensor supplied with the Lynx shunt. I can't find any info for the Lynx shunt sensor - does it connect to negative or positive as the BMV? The only thing I found was "Please don’t use the 2-pin terminal block on the Lynx-shunt" from If this means the sensor why is it supplied?

The CCGX manual states that DVCC should be enabled when the system is "standard" and there are "intelligent batteries" installed. In this case are the other temperature sensors redundant?

Any clarification appreciated.

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This is a good question as there is some missing info in the CCGX manual regarding shared temp sense. You might want to double check but I think I remember reading you shouldn't enable DVCC voltage and temp sense with ve.bus batteries. The temp will actually come from the batteries themselves. However I'm not 100% sure as the DVCC manual hasn't been updated for temp sense:

If your system is up and running with DVCC turned on, go into your settings and check to see if the temp is being reported on your MPPT in victron connect. If so, it should have settings to disable charge below freezing and your buckboost should be wired to the allow to charge pin on the VE.Bus BMS and that should be disabled in the event of an under temp.

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I think you are correct. From the CCGX manual DVCC should be enabled but SVS and STS should be off.

I'm not sure if I need to connect the temp sensor to the Multi if DVCC is enabled.

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