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Setting Time and Date problem on Venus GX


I'm having problems setting the Time and Date correctly on the Venus GX, every time I set the time and date it reverts back to a time about 3 months ago virtually instantly. actual time is 2019-11-12 20:34 (approx)

I know its supposed to get the time from the internet but the time is totally wrong.

If I reboot, the time continues to be about 3 months behind but is increasing.

i have tried setting this in SSH with the date command, and hwclock command, but it always reverts back and I don't know what the ntp settings are.

Any ideas would be great



Venus GX - VGXerror
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2 Answers
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JohnC answered ·

Hi Phil. Try using 'Set Location' in VRM. VRM will then control the time in the GX.

But you'll likely have to remove the time zone set in the GX. Mine is blank, and the times are filled in by VRM. I don't know how to do that, cos it's not something I do at all. If you can manage that, your system should come good.

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Thanks John,

I have set the location and blanked the time zone, but its not changed anything.

the location and time zone does not really explain why the date cannot be changed and why its 4 months behind.

Possible faulty hardware ?

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ tonksy commented ·

Anything's possible I guess. VRM is working fine for me, and there'd be an outcry from many if it weren't. Desperate times, desperate measures.. maybe try:

* Pull the SD card if you have one, just to remove it from any consideration.

* Reboot the GX.

* Repower the GX. Pull it's plug, maybe even everything else too.

* Even cancel your VRM a/c and start another. Lost history? But who knows, that may still be ok, and it's just your end that's knotted??

Out of ideas here, anyone else?..

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tonksy answered ·

Ok, finally got time to debug this and turned out to be simple problem that led me along the wrong path.

My router had the wrong time, so the GX software must be using the Gateway ( normally router ) as a NTP server.... i noticed the problem when i connected a WIFI connection as well as the ethernet connection, the time would sync correctly from the WIFI router ... if i then rebooted, the time would revert to the wrong time again. I was too focused in looking for a Victron NTP server or setting i didn't check my own house was in order.

Thanks JohnC for the reply.


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