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VictronConnect won't update SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 on Nokia5 or Galaxy S8

Hello Victron ;-)

A customer is reporting that their SmartSolar 150/70 MPPT requires them to update the firmware before they can use the app.

However when they click the update button, it only goes to 1% and no further.

They have tried with two different phones the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Nokia 5. They are remote and no Apple devices (iPhone or iPads) are available (which is usually a safe bet for a smooth update).

They are stuck and unable to proceed.

My resolution is to send them a USB to cable on loan so they can attempt the update over the wire with a windows laptop.

But is it not possible to have another way?

e.g. a hidden feature to bypass the update requirement so they can access the feature to equalise their batteries? I understand this will break other features, and that the VictronConnect app software expects the latest firmware to be running, but in some occasions this would be preferable.

The troubleshooting firmware updates section of the VictronConnect manual doesn't have a section on SmartSolar yet.

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Another 5 minutes on the phone, step by step this time and it was a consequence of the 'unhelpful' suggestion from the phones operating system that the password 'might be' 0000 or 1234, which they both entered in until it went away.

Clearing the phone history and the app, and starting from scratch, step by step and entering the correct password of 000000 - allowed the update.

Problem solved.

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