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Can I measure 3 single phase loads with a single ET340?

Hi there. Is it possible to measure the loads of 3 separate single phase loads with 1 ET340 meter? I want to measure:

- total load coming from grid

- total load from inverters to house

- total load supplied directly from grid to house

Obviously I wanted to prevent installing 3 separate ET112's so I purchased a ET340. Wiring is all connected and meter is present on CCGX but not seeing any numbers. Many thanks

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The short answer is no.
The purpose of grid meters in the system is for integrating energy measurments from different parts of the system and the system responding accordingly. They are not intended to be used for casual observation of various energy measurements by the user.
The grid meter integration is designed to measure energy at specific points in the system and there are three roles to which you can assign a grid meter:
1) Grid meter
2) Generator
3)PV meter - for measuring the PV power from grid tied installations which cannot provide measurments to the system directly.
a) PV on AC-IN
b) PV on AC-OUT

The grid meter then feeds values into the system and contributes to system calculations depending upon the role.

In my system I have a meter at the AC-IN which measures energy coming in from the grid. I have ESS set up and the system attempts to keep this meter reading 0W. My MultiPlus will provide energy to any loads which are on on the grid side by backfeeding enough energy to keep the grid meter reading zero. If there is too much sunshine, the battery is full and loads are satisfied then the meter will go negative if feedin is allowed.
So you can see how the meter is being used as a measurement device to tell the system how much energy it should backfeed out of AC-IN.

With the one single phase meter I can see the energy flow at three different points. I can see Grid AC, AC loads before the MultiPlus and AC loads after the MultiPlus (aka Critical Loads). The values are enumerated.

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thank you for taking the time to describe all this, appreciate it

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I was trying to do something similar but rather measuring output load only, but to 3 different locations, is that possible?

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