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Is it possible to connect a Phoenix SMART Inverter and a Phoenix Smart IP43 charger to CCGX via to USB adapter?

The two ports of the CCGX are used by a MPPT SMART Solar and a BMV 712 SMART...

There would be an alternative of using a MultiPlus 2000 connected to CCGX by VE.Bus in stead of the two separated Phoenix devices... but I like the SMART BT Usage and the detailed possibilities of the seperated devices... Regarding CCGX connection may be the Multi would be the better choice?

If connection of the Phoenix devices to CCGX by USB would be possible, both USB ports of the CCGX would be used. For connection of an USB-GPS is it possible to use a USB-HUB?

Target is to view as much as possible data on the CCGX and store the long term data to bring it to the VRM portal and do remote configuring of my mobile home by GSM. Please give me some advice... thanks in advance.

CCGX Color ControlPhoenix Inverter
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Hello Heinz. If your main target is VRM, then the BT will likely become superfluous to you, despite the apparent 'glossy' attractions.

The Multi (in several forms now, depending on size) has functionality beyond separate units. Such as PowerAssist, which can be very useful.

Not to say that what you're thinking isn't possible, including a usb hub, but that's likely just adding complexity and indeed *cost*, for minimal, if any, gain.

But not for me to determine your preferences for you. And the end result of a massive product range can be the choice gets harder - like the range in a lolly shop. :)

I'd go the Multi, and did. VRM is a magic place, I rely upon it, and it's ultra-reliable. Still have the LAN to fall back on even if it weren't, and ethernet/wifi is better for me than BT.

But your choice of lollies..

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