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Victron multiplus inverter charger 12/3000/120 battery configuration

Hi. I wondered if someone could help me configure my inverter charger to my batteries. I have a mk5 to USB to change the settings.

I live on a narrowboat so no shore power but power from two generators 1 x Honda EU 20i and a kipper 6.7kva.

980watts of solar

Inverter charger multiplus 12/3000/120 European / uk model.

Batteries trojan t105s 6v x 6 total 675 amp arranged in parallel/ series to provide 12 v Bulk 14.82 Float 13.50 Equalization 16.20

First question can the victron inverter be powered up off a 12v battery to allow settings to be changed before installation of the unit.

What settings are important and what will need changing as there seems a lot of settings when I have googled them.

If it's easier to explain and give a talk through please feel free to email me

Regards Les Rollins

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JohnC answered ·

Hi Les. Should be ok to power it up from a bench 12V.

If your unit is new, like outta-the-box, it should work fine for your batts on the defaults. And I'd question those Trojan settings you posted, seem highish? Up to you, the Victron defaults are a little more conservative, but can't hurt. You may/should find it's charge setting is a default 'Adaptive/Battery safe' algorithm, and if you want something else, up to you..

But roll through all the settings you can find, and change what you *need* to, but only then.. If you don't understand what one does, then leave it alone until you do.

Your MK3 is great to have on hand. It can upgrade firmware too, but again, do you need to? That's a more serious step to fool with, so do your homework there before attempting.

You may well find a need to change your Multi's 'tolerance' of your genny(s). Documented here:

Your Multi should largely be 'plug'n'play', so don't fear it. Just fear 'stuffing it up'. :)

Relax, it's just like installing a new tv or suchlike.

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Les Rollins answered ·

Hi John I thought the victron came set up for victron gel batteries but the trojan batteries are flat plate lead acid. The battery charge figures were confirmed by the trojan manufacturer themselves so I've only put down what they have confirmed. Cheers

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Yeh, you could be right about the gel default. I just checked an old VEConfigure .rvsc file I leave up on my desktop, and changed it from Flooded to Gel. It flagged only a change in Absorb time setting from 5 to 8 hours, wishful thinking anyway for many of we daily-solar-batt-cyclers.

I use 105's too, my Trojans died of old age, so now have Century clones. The 14.4/13.8V settings on both worked fine for years, and still do.

Temp compensation comes into it too, so take care if you're being quoted settings that don't allow for a V increase in cold weather.

I recall Trojan once recommended 14.4/13.2, +/- temp, so take care what you choose. The 13.2 I considered more a 'storage' V rather than a true Float, so I left the 13.8V default.

More aggressive settings may cost you in lifetime and maintenance, and likely won't add much, if anything, to your daily solar harvest.

Again, I guess I'm saying leave the defaults without real reason to change. Up to you, have fun choosing..

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