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VRM multiple device entries after USB port change

I am in the process of building a Venus/VRM system for my caravan and learning the software behaviour in the process. I have noticed that if I move devices to different USB ports I end up with duplicate (or more) instances of the same device. Yesterday after re-routing some cables and USB hubs I had four instances of my BMV-712 and MPPT's (screenshot below).

I know I can delete the unwanted ones in VRM but if I have setup any device-specific graphs in the Advanced view - eg individual MPPT PV yield - they are lost with the 'old' (disconnected) instance ID and I have to reset the view to pick up the current one every time I make wiring changes. And the instance IDs don't seem to follow any pattern - the highest number doesn't necessarily mean the latest, making the selection of the correct device in Advanced a back-and-forth process to find the active one.

A further observation is that the Instance IDs get recycled (I've seen 288, 289, 290 and 291 so far). In the screenshot below the instance ID was 291 earlier in the month, changed to something else after a USB port change then popped up as 291 after I made another change yesterday.

Once the system is fully bedded down and permanently installed, this issue shouldn't be a problem but I like to understand how the system behaves and whether I'm missing something in my setup. For example is there any way to 'lock' the instance IDs?

(BTW - system is a Pi, Multi C 12/1600/70, BMV-712, MTTP75/15, MPPT75/50 and 200AH LFP)

Any guidance much appreciated.


Venus OSremote console
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Oops - first image vanished.....

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... i have that same problem ... has anyone some idea howto mitigate this fluctuation ?
(proposal: map the device's serialnumber to the VRM id ...)

thanks !!

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