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Multiple small phoenix inverters / 1 single battery bank

For a small off grid tent lodge , we want to supply limited power to each tent.

We are considering installing :

- 1 battery bank ( 400 A / 48V)

- 1 larger inverter-charger : To eventually recharge the battery bank from a generator, and to supply a larger AC out to the main building / kitchen (probably a Multiplus 48/1200 )

- 1 small inverter for each tent Phoenix 48/250 to limit the wattage available in each tent (hence avoid large consumption drawing the battery bank) , and only provide basic lighting and phone/tablet/laptop recharge .

I do not think this is a problem, but wondering what is the best way to wire between the battery bank and the various inverters ?

Any idea or suggestion will be welcome and highly appreciated.


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Just keep in mind, that each little one draws power on idle. Break even is 3 to 5 small ones to one 1200 to 3000 one. Also the little ones have a bad efficiency above 120W (thats a guess, I know a 24/375 looses against a Multi 3000 above approx 170W severely). Depending on the number of tents, you might be setting yourself up for an actual higher than necessary consumption.

You could stay DC and provide guests with just USB outlets or 12V cigarette lighters via DCDC step down 48V at that low power should carry quite a way and the step down has still lots to play with. About 2/3 the price if you go Orion 48/12 say 5A or so non galvanic isolated in each tent instead of Phoenix 250. Otherwise I would go one big unit and then monitor each tent and talk to the people route. Alternatively install 1A to 2A and then gotta play with the characteristic (quick or slower) breakers towards each tent. Laptop chargers might have a high inrush current, the breaker mustnt trip from that.I would try 1C or 1D.

Name and shame at breakfast as a last resort for those who caused the power outage. Nobody wants to be that guy I would have thought.

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If you are providing 230V you likely have to provide further securities like RSI (not sure on the english word), with one inverter you only have to do this once instead of every single one, with DC you likely dont have to worry about it at all. Check with an electrician to be sure.

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Thanks . Your points are right. I am indeed considering DC only with USB ports, but it does not solve the problem for the laptops chargers (AC) . I thought of the breakers too. 1 A AC in 240 V would be limiting to 240 W which should be OK .

Thanks again for sharing. Best regards

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