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Grid shows Low Power with no mains connected

After running a Honda generator this week my Inverter is showing a Low Power status and a "--" under the incoming Grid power with no mains connected.

I introduced a new generator into my system during the last week, a Honda 2200i. My existing setup is Mains, Progressive EMS, MultiPlus 3000, 100/50 MPPT, CCGX and the Trailer loads both 12volt and 120volt. I noticed some odd behavior at first, when a high load would kick on it would "drop the mains input" and show the Grid Power as "--", the generator would keep running. After a minute the Grid Power would come back and show wattage again. And now with all mains disconnected (unplugged even) the Grid Power is still showing as "--" and the inverter status is "Low Power".

I will validate the following Settings:

- 'Dynamic current limiter' option:

- 'Power Assist'

- Assist current boost factor

- UPS function option

- 'Accept wide input frequency' option (may be required if gen-set has an inconsistent AC output frequency)

- 'Weak AC input' option (may be required if gen-set has a poor AC waveform, but less efficient)

- AC1/AC2 input current limit

- System frequency

- Inverter output voltage

- AC low & high voltage disconnect/connect voltages

- DC input low shut-down voltage

- 'Shut-down on SOC' option

- SOC low shutdown %

- Any 'assistants' you may be running

Trouble Shooting:

1. Turn on AC with generator not running and power off inverter/batteries, turn ON generator and the generator runs and provides power.

2. Turn on AC with generator running (charging batteries and powering low AC Loads) and Mains drops out and AC compressor kicks off

Best Guess Scenario's:

1. EMS is reading the inverter assisting as backfeed and dropping the generator power

2. Load is too big for the generator (I turned the Multi to Off and the generator could do it)

3. Honda inverter Style generator and Multiplus are not compatible

I would appreciate any help, theories, trouble shooting ideas. - Ben

Multiplus-IIVenus OSGenerator
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Hi Ben. Your Multi is compatible with the Honda, but all inverter gennies can be touchy with their output if overloaded or 'spiked'. They'll keep running but switch off their own output if their needs aren't met. This is especially apparent when running 'Economy' mode with lower revs, and a load is applied. They don't have time to pick up on it, and will reject it.

Turning on 'Dynamic Current Limiter', ie. a 'soft-start' in the Multi should help, but still mightn't be enough. The genny should re-attempt, but some cheapos aren't reliable there, and may just roll on with you unaware. Running a separate ac light from the genny while troubleshooting can be handy to spot when this happens.

I used to often select Economy mode only when the genny had settled down to batt charging, and soon learnt not to run variable loads then.

The Multi can be quite picky with ac input, but I've never experienced issues with inverter gennies. 'Weak ac input' is like a last-resort thing, and comes with less efficiency and a hefty restriction on input A.

That A-restriction could actually be your issue, but can be applied in the Multi and/or GX. One of those things where you might start low and work up. Best set to where your genny is 'happy', neither screaming its heart out, nor wasting fuel doing little. And you can watch the W on the GX.

Be patient, you'll sort it..

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