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2 multiplus in split phase mode.

I have 2 multiplus connected to rv 50amp 240 but I have a onan generator 5500 120v. A trasnfer switch is installed and the shore power goes to a transfer input , the generator goes to the other power input and the output to the panel.But when i look at other wire diagrams it dont seem right. also can I run power to the multiplus and t-tap off to the transfer switch that way the multiplus doesnt have to be on to power up the rv when plugged in.

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I understand the first half of what you are asking, but can you elaborate on the second part when you are talking about "tapping off" the transfer switch? If you have a wiring diagram that you can post here that would be helpful too. Are you trying to connect the Transfer Switch Output to the MultiPlus AC-In?

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If the RV has 240V circuits, the most common approach is to put the 120V transfer switch ahead of one of the MultiPluses. Feed the generator and one leg of shore power to the transfer switch inputs and the output to the MultiPlus.

Feed the other leg of shore power to the other MultiPlus.

Feed both MultiPluses to the panel. Configure them for split-phase operation so they synchronize.

If the RV has only 120V circuits, another option is to place both MultiPluses in parallel and feed their output to both sides of the distribution panel. Then, feed one leg of the 240V shore cord to the transfer switch, along with the generator. This design allows both units to charge off the generator and it allows both units to power the whole RV. However, the tradeoff is you cannot ever install a 240V circuit, and you are limited to half of the 12kVA shore power.

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