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Charge a Lithium Battery through lead acid and inverter/charger


So short question. Can I charge a Li-Ion battery thorugh a Lead-Acid battery like this:

  1. I'd use an inverter to convert the DC from 12V Lead-Acid into 230VAC;
  2. I'd use an inverter/charger to convert the DC from Lithium Battery into 230VAC;
  3. The AC Out from inverter 1 would go to AC In from inverter/charger 2;
  4. The AC Out from inverter/charger 2 would go to application that needs to be connected to AC;
  5. I would use a circuit breaker to stop charging the Lithium battery when is fully charged and to start charging when necessary.
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Assuming Victron kit, yes. And you don't need the breaker in step 5

A cheaper/simpler way would be to just have the inverter charger on the lithium battery and use an Orion DC:DC charger to charge lithium from lead acid.

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Hmm, I can't see how. The Inveter/Charger has:

  • one DC IN (assuming the lithium battery)
  • one AC IN (which has to be the grid/generator)
  • two AC Outs (the consumer)

Should I connect into the Inverter on DC both lithium battery and DC:DC charger? Because otherwise an additional inverter between DC:DC charger and the inverter/charger needs to be placed (DC:DC charger -> Inverter - > Inverter/Charger AC IN)

Or do I need a distrubution box like from DC:DC Charger -> Distribution Box(Inverter+battery) -> Consumer

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DC:DC goes lead battery to lithium battery. Inverter/charger takes input from AC and lithium battery, loads go to AC out.

I've no idea how you're charging the lead acid battery, wasn't mentioned, or I missed it.

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