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Wiring LiFePO4 batteries in parallel using Lynx Distributor

Hello. I recently upgraded to LiFePO4 batteries in my travel trailer and have a question regarding how to correctly wire my battery bank in parallel. I have three 24v/100ah batteries wired to each other in parallel (see pic) but have been told that I should have wired each battery individually to the Lynx Distributor? The only reason I was able to do this DIY was because I copied this exact install from The difference being he only used one battery whereas I am using three. I'm a little nervous to change it up because of my limited knowledge. So I guess my main question is whether or not the benefit of wiring each battery individually to the distributor is enough to make the changes? I did see in the Wiring Unlimited manual that the way I wired is okay, but not the most efficient way. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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@Jason Maligmat one thing of note. You have 2 cables on the SmartShunt battery - terminal.

The one not connected to the battery should be moved to the Lynx Distributor negative bus.

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@Jason Maligmat

You have it in a nut shell.

Your current set up is ok.

But parrallel setups mean end batteries work harder than middle ones on load and charge because of ohms law.

The one better than your current setup is each individually to the bus bar with equal lengths cables.

One disadvantage is this can make cable management in tight spaces a head scratching event.

The lynx offers alot of advantages though.

Current sharing is much better with individual wiring. Which is why a bus bar is recommended.

You can use smaller wiring to each battery. (And you don't have to have beefy interlinks which is where most setups lack.) current stacking on some lifepo4 batteries is not a good idea. It can trip BMSs as well.

Also it is easier to remove a single batteryl if there is an issue.

You can fuse each individually which is a definitely important thing since they are packed with so much energy.

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