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Lithium batterys, help completing my shopping list

I have been living off grid for 10 years
Using solar panels and lead acid batteries, I have never found buying equipment and installing it very difficult. Panels, regulators, batterys, cable, breakers etc.

I now want to up size the system change to Lithium batteries and and have a backup Generator. I am completely confused about the batterys thay seem to have become more like computer networking than wiring + - to a regulator.

I do not feel confident that I have not missed something when making my shopping list for my new system, .

I was hoping that someone my be able to cast there eye over the following list to try and spot any problems, equipment compatibility, special cables or even missing components etc.

48V Victron Easy Solar 5kW All-In-One Solar Solution With Inverter & MPPT Controller.

BYD Battery-Box Pro LV
2.5 to 10 kWh.

4x BYD B-Plus LV battery module 2.56 kWh inc cable set, 48V.

Hyundai DHY8000SELR Diesel Generator Long Run.

I do not need any help with the pv panel side of things

Thanks Jake

EasySolar All-in-OnewiringBYD
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The Li batteries are still batteries with pos and neg terminals. BYD's wrapped up the batteries with some additional battery management hardware and that's where you see the additional comms wiring coming out. One of the reasons its needed is that Li batteries are less tolerant of abuse than lead acids.

Once you pick up on that, and how the battery management gear talks to the easy solar (e.g. battery cell voltage too high -> stop charging pls), that's pretty much the basics for Li battery sorted.

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Hi Jake. You'll soon get the hang of the networking side of it. I have the 5000 Easy myself, but haven't yet stepped up to Li's. Mostly minor additions, but I'd add to your list:

* Internet capability. Like router access, a wifi dongle or ethernet cable to your Easy's CCGX, then signed in to the VRM portal. Too good to ignore..

* A MK3 to usb adaptor for firmware updates to your Multi. A handy laptop to plug it into.

* A bluetooth dongle (and compatible phone) for adjusting settings in your mppt. This part of it seems a bit 'clunky', and it is. But right now it's the easiest way.

* A BMV battery monitor. For when you 'don't trust' the BYD readings. I shouldn't say that, but your ingrained reliance on V to assess your batts will largely disappear with the Li's, and you may miss the 'security blanket'.

* For compatibility,

The genny shouldn't be an issue, and even if it were, can be fixed.

Please ask if you need links to any of this stuff. Left it out for the sake of brevity. Whether you actually need some/all of it is for you to decide, but you'd have a helluva system.

But I'm sure you'll have more questions. So keep asking and/or visit your friendly Victron dealer to discuss the finer points.

One warning - that Easy box weighs 48kg. It won't arrive in the mail. :)

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matthew answered ·

Make sure you consider the Type A can bus cable, this can be made up on site but without the BYD coms will not work.

If you need a longer distance between the CCGX and the battery you can make the cable up.

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lucas-mill answered ·

Maybe it can help you, the Grepow modular battery 48V modules are up to 2S10P, it also can customize and equip the BMS.


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