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Easysolar with BYD 13.8

Hi folks,

I will be hanging new PV tomorow morning and would apriciate some input.

I have a new Easysolar 5000 hooked up to a BYD 13.8 kW Lithium pack.

Obviously I will set the MPPT as directed in the manual, which I havent read yet, but I am also aware that the BYD battery manager, via the CCGX is going to 'manage' things.

What I dont know is how it will manage things, what I should look for to establish that all is well and if I need to make any changes to the MPPT settings, which I assume I will.

My supplier told me I needed a programming cable, USB to VE Direct I think, which I have but I havent found what I should be doing with it yet...

I still have manuals to read but the BYD manual dosnt mention MPPT settings, speciffically, and thus far I am unsure what software I need to program the MPPT in the first place. In addition The manuals for Victron kit havent, so far at least, been speciffic about BYD kit and I am not expecting the MPPT manual to be any different.

Am I correct in assuming I unplug the cable to the CCGX to program the BluePower and if so is VEConfigure what I need or something else.?

Any help/pointers would be appriciated. I am pretty sure there is potential to get this wrong and I would rather not do that, damaging 6k's worth of battery because I used the wrong setting is not a place I want, or can afford, to be.

Thanks, Al

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Hi @Alistair Warburton

You don't have to program the MPPT's, but as written in the manual, you can program some basic settings as a precaution. This is not necessary, because the battery will protect itself in case of over-voltage (also with under-voltage)

as soon as you set 'DVCC' to 'on' the MPPT's will follow the batteries, as long as they are connected together properly. This is shown in the wiring diagram at the bottom of the manual.

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Thanks for that, hooked up the PV today but didnt get it done early enough to actually see a charge. It managed 10W for about 20S so I am pretty sure all will be well when the sun comes up tomorrow.

As far as I can tell all the automation was on, the MPPT was definitly saying that the BYD system was managing it, which is nice.

I will read the docs attached and make sure I am where I need to be.



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I have looked at this previously and it all seems fine apart from the fact that I cant work out what the current setting should be for the 13.8 kWh I have. The linked doc is only talking about the smaller batteries, speciffically.

In addition and probably more importently I dont know if/how the temperature compensation is working. Obviously the current needs to be limited, considderably, when the battery is cold. I understand this and have no issue with it but dont know if/how this works.

I have a simmilar issue with the Multiplus setting, for LI battery monitor, where I need to know the AH to turn it on.

HI have been asking about this for a few days but getting nowhere! I dont know if it should be on or off, and of it needs to be on, then I dont know what AH to set it to.


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