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Operating relay on inverter load

I use relay K1 on a 15kw quattro to switch a 12kw water heater on when my battery bank is >99% and off when it is <98%. I also have a 7kw EV charger. The system has a 8.2kw and 4.4kw arrays on AC Out 1 and a further 5.8 kw on an mppt direct to the batteries - 3 x 13.8kw BYD's. The system is running ESS. The ac load on the ccgx appears to show the total ac loads not the inverter load. If i run an assistant can i control a relay when the inverter load is high? I am happy for both loads to be on if the solar is putting out 12kw as the inverter load will only be 4kw and the 12kw boiler will cycle on and off as the batteries drop below 98% and get charged back up. Would appreciate some input and ideas




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