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MultiPlus Compact 24/2000 > AutoTransformer - Where is Ground Relay connector?

I am trying to identify where inside my MultiPlus Compact 24/2000, does the Ground Relay control wire of the Victron AutoTransformer connect, shown on page 13 of the AutoTransformer manual here:

The Manual of the MultiPlus 3000 clearly shows one of the terminals dedicated to this feature here, note GND-Relay plus + and - :

The manual of the MultiPlus Compact 2000 however, shows no such terminal, and indeed when you open it up, none can be found:

Can anyone, particularly staff members perhaps, confirm if there is any possibility of connecting the MultiPlus Compact 2000 in this manor? Can a connection be soldered on to the board where the internal ground relay connection is, or is the intended functionality of this relay unique, and something the Compact 2000 lacks entirely?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerGroundingAutotransformer
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