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Lithium-LiFePO4 what counts as one charging cycle?

Question as above. Does any amount of charging count as one cycle?

IE if you charged from 60% to 90% would that count as one cycle?

Or is a cycle only counted when you fully charge the battery to 100%

For instance yesterday my 300ah 24 v bank was at 56% so I ran the genset which charged at @149amps

The skylla tg cut out when the battery voltage reached 28.4v the 24 /3000/ 70 Phoenix inverter carried on charging but at much lower rate

But the app only showed 63% and stayed there. so on my thinking that was time to synchronise to 100%.

And that counts as one cycle?

Sorry if this is stupid question but I’ve just had the Lithium-LiFePO4 fitted and I am anxious to get the charging regime right

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I am curious about this as well. When I look at other LiFePo4 battery brand's stats, I see higher number of cycles. This is key to the economics of Lithium over SLA batteries. If the manufacturer backs up the cycle count with their warranty, then I'd be more inclined to make the investment in Lithium but right now this is just an assumption of something to take place over 5-7 years...

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On another brand of Lithium that we sell the cycle count is readable though Bluetooth. On that particular brand, one cycle is counted when the accumulated discharge reaches 100% over any chronological period. My 200Ah test battery is 7 months old with 8 cycles. For most RV users, their kids will inherit the Lithium battery before it reaches cycle life!

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Thanks for the reply safiery my batteries are victron, so I have the blue tooth app.

Looking at those numbers of charge cycles I feel I could take the batteries down to a much lower soc than 50% and still get many many years of life out of them. I’m a live aboard boater and I’ve only had the batteries a month now with an average daily use of 59ah out of a 300ah 24 v bank .

Does that makes sense to take them down to say 30% soc ?

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We need someone experienced with Victron Lithium to reply. The 5 year warranty on my other brand that I sell is for 6,000 cycles at 80% DOD . So I currently run them deep to 30-30%. That is what you are paying for with Lithium!

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I’m just curious as to how you measure (or the customer measures) the cycles on your battery referenced to the warranty cycles?

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