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Using Argofet with Orion TR Smart & Orion XS

Hi, I am upgrading my boats electrics by replacing my lead acid house batteries with Lithium. I had planned to remove the old diode charge splitter and connect the alternator direct to the Engine battery and then charge the lithium House batteries and the Lead acid bow thruster batteries with an 50 amp Orion XS and 18 amp Orion TR respectfully. However this was not compatible with the engine wiring and caused an unwanted feed to the ignition circuit so I replaced the Diode splitter and it appears to be OK. However I now plan to replace the diode charge splitter with an Argofet to increase the capacity (larger alternator) and connect the Orion chargers to it.

My question is I believe the Argofet works in a similar way to the Diode and will isolate the Engine start battery from the Orion chargers when the engine is not running therefore they will not be powered until the engine is started - is this a problem? will the Orion's remember their configuration? Is the simplified layout below correct?

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