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Combine ARGO FET & Orion TR smart

Our current electrical installation on our sailboat has the following setup: 115Amp Alternator which is feeding the starter battery and the service battery bank through an ARGO FET Diode. The ARGO FET prevents back feeding the starter and service batteries vise versa. Know I plan to upgrade my service batteries with Lithium batteries. This leads to an charging upgrade and I plan to use two Orion TR smart 12/12-30 in parallel. Can I install the two chargers behind the already existing ARGO FET on the used output for the service batteries or should / can I remove the ARGO FET and replace his functionalities with the two Orion TR smart? Below the current installation:


The question is only focused on the ARGO FET and the Orion TR smart. The Lithium Upgrade will contain several additional changes regarding: BMS, smart Battery Protect and so on.


Lithium Batteryorion-tr smartArgo FET Diode
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You can do either option depending on what is easiest to install.

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Question to Victron :

What are the advantages / disadvantages to connect a Orion TR Smart dc-dc charger onto one of the posts of the Argo Fet versus connecting the Orion TR Smart onto one of the other lead batteries?

I see one advantage: instead of only a software setting in the Orion TR Smart, there is also hardware (Argo Fet) preventing the starter-battery from getting drained.


Now: 3 battery banks. All lead. Starter battery + Service battery + Bowthruster battery

Planned asap: Starter (lead) + Bow thruster (lead) + Service battery (LiFePo4)

Planning to install a Argo Fet 3-200 now (all lead) and adding a Orion TR Smart later to charge the LiFePo

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