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Set AC-In to "Phoenix" or "Inverter" in Venus OS


normally my loads are small so I chose a medium size Multiplus due to the lower standby consumption. This is also the reason I don't want to use a bigger unit or parallel setup because this would give me a much more higher daily consumption.

Anyway there are a few high loads I hardly use. For these loads I want to put a Phoenix 3000 at the AC-in of the Multi so I can run the small unit 24/7 and the bigger one only when I need it. Doing this I still can use the same circuits.

Technically this is not a problem, I think. But what about the Venus device. I can only set "grid" or "generator" as far as I know but not "inverter". This would give me a muddled VRM as the energy comes from the battery. Can this probably somehow be added in future versions of the OS? Or isn't it possible at all.

Can both, a Phoenix AND a Multiplus even have a VE.Bus connetion to a Venus or is this only possible with VE.Can?



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You can only have the multiplus connected to the Venus

if you connect the phoenix to the AC1 of the multi

you only have the 3 choices to select on the Venus device grid, gen or shore power

Anyway as the multi only has one AC in there is no way for it to know as to which source it was coming from.

As a possible solution

to solve this with the venus also add a BMV-712 and this will then show the current draw coming from and to the battery. and the VRM would be updated

However you would need to turn OFF the Multiplus charger (if you can)or you would endup in a loop as the Pheonix would also supply the multiplus battery charger, if this was for a short time and you were happy with the loop loss's then this could work.

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Thanks Paul, this is (unfortunately) exactly what I expected it to be. Would have loved to see the phoenix also as AC-consumption, not in the DC-system. But I can understand that this is an unusual setup.

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