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I have a suggestion about the vrm system data and display.


I have a system without connection to the city grid.

I am charging the system with 412W / h with the 30A 12V Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22, which is connected to my system between 00:00 and 05:00 at night in the lower part of the horizontal axis in the "DC Power", ie DC Power section seen in the picture.The power I spend for this charge is a Consumption used from the city network.This Consumption does not appear in the Consumption graphs in the VRM system.This consumption is a real consumption. I request that it be added to the consumption graphs as another colored bar and included in the total consumption and shown in watts in the consumption figure. Thus, I hope that Victron sensitivity will increase and excel even more.img-20240215-095814.jpg

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Dear [@Victron] , I will be very happy if you answer this question/suggestion.

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Justin Cook avatar image Justin Cook ♦♦ commented ·

As a feature request (though I'm not sure how a Victron system could possibly know what your independent charger is drawing from your grid) this has been noted. As there is no actual question posed here, please take as a given that your feature request is noted, and repeatedly tagging specific Victron staff is neither required nor appropriate, as clearly and directly noted in the Community Guidelines.

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It is important to remember this is not a formal support site. While Victron staff contribute here, that is not their main purpose otherwise they wouldn't get anything done.

It is a community site manned by volunteers. Demanding a Victron response is not what the community is for, that is why the formal support process exists.

As stated by Guy, a core group of us are looking for common issues or good/important ideas that needs attention, and we pass it on.

You may or may not get a response depending on the issue, but continuing to demand one will only end up with posts being moderated.

Feature requests are generally posted in the modifications section, where you can make it a topic people get to vote for.

There is an enormous amount of work going into VRM, it is under constant change with a long todo list and never enough hours to do it in, so high importance features or things that are broken tend to get the attention.

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uguraladag avatar image uguraladag nickdb ♦♦ commented ·

Dear Nickdb's,thank you so much for your informative comment.

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uguraladag answered ·

Dear Justin Cook,

first of all thank you for your interest and response to my question/suggestion.

The charging current produced by my Victron 30A 12V charger feeds the system between 01:00-05:00 at night to my Lifepo4 batteries connected to my system. Already this additional power is detected by the vrm system and displayed on the vrm interface as Month / Hour / Watt and ampere. This is a power that feeds my system and is also drawn and consumed from my system, that is, from my battery pool. This is a power that enters the system and then exits and is consumed. It is a value that increases the total consumption in the offgrid system...The total power consumed in the system fed by the Solar System will be the sum of the power that appears in the vrm and the power entering and leaving the system at night.

One thing I don't understand is this. Are you a Victron employee? On behalf of Victron, you say your suggestion has been recorded. I would appreciate it if you could let me know.I stated that I was waiting for a response from a Victron Tech official.

Yours sincerely,

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Hi @uguraladag,

Justin is a Victron expert who has been contributing to this community for nearly 5 years.

I have got to know him (and the other accounts marked "Victron Expert"), and we now have a direct line of communication, and keep in touch regularly.

The community moves 24/7 and when there is something that needs specific attention, we depend on these experts to identify it, and then escalate it for us to make sure the right person inside Victron sees it.

They do a great job, but don't always get the full visibility of what happens next, sometimes they can just pass it on. This is one of the limitations of working in small fast moving teams, but necessary to keep focus.

We appreciate people contributing their feedback on the products, it's one of the main reasons to have a site like this, but for it to work we also need the help of people like Justin to pass on some of the messages.

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uguraladag avatar image uguraladag Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Dear Guy Stewart,

I really appreciate you enlightening me about Victron Community communication architecture, support and experience transfer.

The more I get to know Victron and its achievements, the more trust and respect I have for it.Thank you for your skillful use of collective intelligence, empowerment and guidance.I have no doubt that my proposal will be reviewed and considered.

With respect and love,

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